Indubious The Fast-Rising Reggae Trio Releases Newest Album “The Bridge”

Indubious’ highly anticipated full-length album The Bridge is out now on Easy Star Records. The record finds a strong balance between Indubious’ unique production and sound coupled with an all-star lineup of guests including SizzlaCapletonAnthony BJah9Mike LoveZion I, Wookiefoot, and others. Stream or purchase the album now at The four singles that preceded the album release helped push the Bend, OR-based trio to new highs of listeners, streams, and fan activity, which is expected to continue growing, especially once the band can get back on the road.
Evton and Skip, brothers and bandmates (along with drummer Matty T. Wells), have cultivated a dedicated fan base, affectionately called Indubians, with their impressive instrumental skill, powerful harmonies, and an electrifying stage presence. In addition to their memorable live shows, which have put them on numerous U.S. festival stages, as well as on tour with The Movement, Stephen Marley, and others, Indubious are no strangers to chart success. Their 2019 album Beleaf debuted at #1 on the Billboard Reggae Chart and #2 on the iTunes Reggae Chart, which marked a new high for the band building on the previous success of their 2017 album From Zero, which debuted at #6 on the Billboard Reggae Chart and #8 on the iTunes Reggae Charts. With The Bridge, Indubious is poised for a big breakout year.
The Bridge came to life with the intention to bridge Jamaican reggae artists, west coast reggae, and the “Medicine Music” genres. The album successfully manages to pull these scenes and artists together across 12 diverse tracks. Skip explains, “The Bridge was a very special project for us, because we had the privilege of working with our absolute top tier favorite artists. Sort of a dream come true, especially with how seamless it was artistically.” He adds, “Since its inception, reggae music has always been a vehicle for the transcendence of suffering, and a prayer of the power of love. A way to honor the truth at the root of the human experience. A heartbeat, a meditation, a prayer for good over evil. This heartbeat quickly spread to every area of the world stage and has become a mainstay in the spiritual music scene – occasionally leaving behind the true meaning and depth behind its original soul-cry. Fast forward to today, as cultures merge at an increasing rate, and the music expands, it was our aim with The Bridge to extend honor and respect to the spiritual roots of divinity and dignity that shaped the original founders – and to bring forth a musical future, rich with honor for The King’s music, Mother Earth, and the mystical revelations foretold in its original message.”
The album was recorded in Bend, Oregon, at Indubious’ Righteous Sound Studios, which involved a lot of long-distance collaborations, due to travel restrictions, but didn’t stop the project from coming together in an organic and compelling way. The first single “Neva Bow” features Zion I and is about a mindset of fear-based mentality that is unconsciously embraced by otherwise good-hearted people. The aim and message of the song is to bring awareness to how we hold our energy as creators. The song is accompanied by a vivid and dynamic video. The second single making an impact is “The Throne,” featuring Capleton. This heavy-hitting track is an inspirational reminder of your royalty and divinity, and that truth and light will always sit on the Throne.
Ease and Flow,” is also making waves, with Hawaiian-based singer-songwriter Mike Love joining Indubious, with a fun video showcasing them all road tripping through scenic and frozen Okanogan County, Washington. The most recent single, “The Offering,” features Sizzla and Skillinjah and is a synthy, hip hop-style banger about seeing through the veil of illusion in the world and offering love in the face of adversity. An anthem about honing our inner vibration to spread joy and unity in everything we do, no matter the situation or challenge. The album closing track (“I Can Breathe”) is a deeply personal song to the band: Evan and Skip were born with a degenerative and often fatal disease called Cystic Fibrosis, leading Evan to eventually have a double lung transplant. This song is a peek into their mentality of seeing the positive within the challenges put before them and having gratitude for the breath of life that so many of us take for granted. This battle with Cystic Fibrosis has been a huge part of their life, and also had a huge effect on Indubious, as it has often sidetracked their climb within the scene, but Evton and Skip have both always worked positively through these setbacks, focusing instead on growth, spiritual health leading to physical health, and finding inspiration for their music and life journey.
Indubious has produced their most personal and dynamic album to date and is eager to share it with the world. The band concludes, “We are all so very grateful for such an amazing opportunity to share our deepest prayers and hearts with you in the form of this musical and spiritual expression. If our music can do one thing alone, our wish is that it helps you remember who you are, your power as a Creator- to know how special, needed, and valuable you are to the grand scheme of life and inspires your gratitude for the Breath of Life. Every thought you think shapes reality for everyone around you. To choose these things wisely and with purpose is a superpower.”

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