TikTok JER, aka @SkaTuneNetwork

In the vast world of Music TikTok, there is one soul brave enough to educate the masses about the unfairly maligned genres of ska and ska-punk: that person is JER, aka @SkaTuneNetwork. A music educator and trombone player in ska group We Are The Union, the self-proclaimed CEO of Ska is always willing to talk about their favorite genre, whether demonstrating the rhythmic differences between ska and reggae, explaining the history of ska, recommending ska bands or practitioners of unique ska sub-genres like ska jazz, or enthusiastically “skanking” to their favorite ska songs until the genre gets the “recognition it deserves” (92 days of skanking and counting). They have an enviable skill for explaining complex issues about the public perception of ska music into concise and passionate videos, and maybe, just maybe, if they skank hard enough, JER will usher in a fourth wave of ska all on their own.

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