Space Kamp Releases New Video “Waiting for Summer” & Announces New Album Butterfly Effect (BE)

The east coast based psychedelic reggae hip-hop duo Space Kamp is excited to announce their new video for “Waiting for Summer” out now!
The east coasters, dreaming of warmer days, wrote the new song in the dead of winter. Featuring Space Kamp’s upbeat positive outlook both lyrically and sonically Space Kamp notes, “We wanted to release a song that gives everybody that summer feel a little early!” They continue, “We all tend to just feel better and stay on a higher vibration in the summer, being in the North East winter can get pretty grim. In some ways we are all Waiting for Summer.. We try to stay on that vibe all year round.” Set to be this season’s jam “Waiting for Summer” sweeps the listener away into summer bliss as Adoo sings, “Summer forever //Palm trees all day //sunrays no shade //Lemonade homemade //Highway unpaved //Renegades, eyes glazed…”
For the new song, Space Kamp worked virtually with B.C. based, Juno award winning producer Rob the Viking. Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions Space Kamp was unable to travel to Canada to lay down the song with their friend and long time producer. Vocals were recorded at Marsten House in Philadelphia with engineer Ethan Mintz and sent to Rob the Viking who arranged and composed song using live instrumentation at The Chamber studios. Space Kamp comments, “Rob is really dialed in to our sound and where to take us sonically, the studio musicians he is bringing in are amazing and are really helping us create something honest and timeless.”
Known for looking at the brighter side and reflecting back at 2020 Space Kamp comments, “Outside of personal struggles we all have had over the last year, the downtime has actually really helped us as a group. Not being able to tour has been rough but we have been able to really dial-in and get more creative. We have also grown tighter as friends.”

The new song will be on the upcoming album Butterfly Effect (BE). Taking their time to pull together the album, Space Kamp will be releasing new material regularly with tour dates coming together.
Catch the new song here:
Watch the new video here:
And PennCanna fest here:

“The song feels like the kind of anthem you could jump along to with a smile on your face, and its positive message is one we could all use right now.” –  Glide Magazine

“With “500 Miles,” Space Kamp generates a song rife with a chill, sonic mass, and trembling auras, forming a nuanced tune, simultaneously melodic, and swashbuckling.” –

““Girl Like You” is your quintessential love song, that moment of recognizing and appreciating finding the person you’re meant to be with.” –Topshelf Music

“On “Life’s A Beach,” Space Kamp amalgamates yummy reggae aromas with the boom and pop of hefty, undulating, captivating hip-hop.” – Rhyme Junkies

Space Kamp Website
Rebel Hippies Website


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