Top Female Reggae Artists

best-of-reggaeGet into di riddm with these top female reggae artists considered by their followers as truly blessed by the almighty.  Nowadays finding reggae music that grabs your heart is harder, but female reggae artists have the power to move reggae enthusiasts with their message and soulful passion.

Whether you want to chill out on a tropical beach, lift your spirits in hard times, or dance in the light of the moon, you feel the love from these top female reggae artists.

Shauna McKenzie, aka Etana

A powerful and real artist, Etana’s lyrics, rhythm, and uplifting energy give strength to her followers.  How can anyone dislike “I’m Not Afraid”?  I got the message, Etana, now I see it all.  Nominated in 2008 for the Music of Black Origin (MOBO) Award, Etana tells it like it is, mon.

Tanya Stephens

As a modern influence on emerging reggae artists, Tanya Stephens reigns supreme. Emerging in the late 90s as a major Jamaican reggae star, Stephens brought reggae back to the Indie scene after the genre experienced a bit of a lag. Bringing a creative, urban feel to reggae, Stephens’ charm keeps the social conscience reggae vibe alive. “Yuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet” shot her to international stardom.

Lorna Bennett

A Jamaican reggae singer of the 1970s, Lorna Bennett danced to her own heartbeat and re-arranged popular songs, turning them into reggae hits. Of particular note is her reggae rendition of the soul song Breakfast in Bed. Bennett turned this is into a smash-hit reggae song, launching her into the spotlight.

Sophia Brown

Sophia Brown is relatively new on the world stage but is no stranger to reggae music, being a professional reggae musician for a decade before she became well-known. Sophia was nominated in 2009 for “Best New Female Artist” at the Excellence In Music & Entertainment (EME) Awards in Jamaica.

Lady Saw

Lady Saw, born Marion Hall in 1972, rates more than a mention on any top female reggae artist list. Often referred to as “the First Lady of Dancehall” Lady Saw is not only a triple platinum reggae artist, she is the first female deejay to scoop a Grammy. Being the first female to receive top-billing in dance hall shows outside her native Jamaica, Lady Saw is an influential female force in the reggae world.

Macka Diamond

Macka Diamond AKA Lady Cham, Lady Mackerel, and the Money Goddess has reggae in her blood. Daughter of reggae producer Phillip Munroe and surrounded by music from an early age. She topped the Jamaican charts in 2004 with her single “Done A Ready”. Macka’s girl-power stance and her desire to tell stories from the female perspective through song was a successfully bold move in the male-dominated world of reggae. “I’m saying what the women want to hear but are afraid to say,” Macka says of her craft.

Rita Marley

Widow of the late great Bob Marley, and a backup singer in Bob Marley’s I Threes, Rita Marley kept her husband’s style – and the Rastafai Movement – alive.  Rita’s “One Draw” is a favorite at weddings in Jamaica and the Bahamas, and keeps the rest of us dancing and singing with no worries.

Audrey Gordon

Bringing a Christian voice to reggae, Audrey Gordon is a significant contributor to a new emerging genre known as ‘gospel reggae’. Gospel reggae does not differ in rhythm to the standard reggae; it simply carries a different message. Gordon is definitely worth a mention as an outstanding female reggae star simply for her unique and somewhat unconventional use of the reggae genre. Her voice has drawn comparisons to that of Rita Marley.


Reggae has long been known for connecting people of different cultures and ideologies through music, advocating peace and love as the answer.  These top female reggae artists deliver pride to their genre, as they continue to promote the reggae message.

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