Reggae Producer Artist


Reggae Producer Artist
This generation’s Third World, YoelMalcolm Figueroa-DeJesus, many would consider him to be a luck child rooted from barrio of Dominican republic, kid with a boom box sitting on the curb singing merengue songs.

“I grew up fast, born in El Valle, and later moved to Santo Domingo. I was Born sick, couldn’t walk, expected not to live long. I am of five siblings, watched my mother die at age 5, father gave me up to orphanage after mother died”

Producer Reggae Artist
YoelMalcolm’s music reflects his journey, interpretation of his old soul and young heart. It’s important you know the artists history, life story to completely understand the voice and heart of Yoelmalcolm’s music. The music is very lyrical, sincere to the roots, childishly, but powerfully expressive with love songs, encouraging messages of persevering, and empowering. YoelMalcolm’s influences flourished from age 8 when brought to the United States. His ear blossomed with the music of salsa, American music of hip-hop, RnB, jazz, and Reggae music. Music has been an opium an addiction that has driven YoelMalcolm through all his difficult times as a child and growing up as an adopted kid. Yoel has been immersed in the entertainment world for the longest, involved in many productions in music and acting. It has been through the arts that has enabled YoelMalcolm to persevere and find meaning in self.
Reggae Artist Producer
After his studies as a pianist and music composition in Philadelphia, he decided to spread his wings pursue a more rigorous and professional jump into the music Industry and acting scene in Los Angeles in 2005. YoelMalcolm, is a working producer and pianist, engineers and writes his own songs and lyrics. Musical director of many bands and now his pride and joy Reggae BAND.
Reggae Music Producer
He continues to push boundaries bringing his music and art to a wider and diverse audience with roots deep in reggae, jazz, and rock to get that unique sound. YoelMalcolm’s reggae echoes the heart beat of roots reggae while preserving raw organic hip-hop and modern dance hall influences. Yoel and his all star group bring to life a stage experience that ignites the flame of self awareness and revolution from audience remembers and listeners.

“My music is meant to bring people together from all walks of life. To share the realness of life struggles, rejoice with love, comfort each other in hard times. The music is my release, life can be stressful and can be happy too, but either way sometimes you want to share that with those that can relate or just need answers, you know, and sometimes its just a song a melody or two”  -YoelMalcolm

Music Producer Reggae

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