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THIECKO Releases New Album “Stand Tall”

Thiecko Reggae ArtistAfter 3 years of preparation, Senegalese artist THIECKO, returns in may 2013 with a new album called “Stand Tall”. A reggae musician now based in France, who combines traditional african instruments ( xalam, tama, djembe) with Jamaican reggae roots, which give a particular color to his music. Thiecko provides the listener with a voyage between 3 continent ( Europe, Africa, Jamaica) He started with 2 friends who, he met while scouting, they created « Amandla » which means (victory in Zulu) in 1988.

From these modest beginning, Thiecko and the Amandla musicians, created their own instruments and started to learn how to play reggae. With this group he released 3
albums, followed by 2 Senegalese tours 1 western African tour, and 2 french tours. Keyboard artist composer, back up vocals and percussion in Amandla, Thiecko in 2003 creates his TBB, after the split of Amandla. Encouraged by a friend he decides to improve his vocal talent, and become the lead singer in TBB.

TBB composed of professional jazz and rock trained musicians learned to play reggae with guidance of THIECKO. He released in 2004 the first album of TBB called « Ton Combat », followed by a french tour. In 2009, came « Sayaan » (the source in Wolof), recorded between Senegal, France and England.

In 2013 « Stand tall » produced by his own label « wiseman prod », reunited famous reggae musicians like Robbie Shakespeare, Dean Fraser, Glen Dacosta, Bongo
Herman, Glen Browne, Sophia Brown… and mixed by Steven Stanley in Jamaica, to creae a powerful and particular African reggae roots album.

His message sang in French, English, and African language ( Wolof, Bambara, Peul) deliverers respect, togetherness, love, hope, spirituality, which was inspired by Nelson

The album is distributed in digital by ZojakWorlwide, is available on all download platforms, and can be order by sending an email to: or visiting his site

Buy THIECKO’s Albums for Amazon by clicking on the album cover below.

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